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Tim Baily is added than just a carnival operator, he is a man with a amorous adulation for his built-in Africa — and with some absolution he can aswell affirmation to be an able on the added agitated ancillary of African politics.

For in the accomplished eight years Tim, in his efforts to get his trans-Africa carnival aggregation established, has consistently begin himself bang in the average of whichever dank African battle seems to be alive at that accurate moment.

Tim led the aboriginal campaign to get through the Congo cautiously afterwards the Simba War, and if his accompany of aged Acreage Rovers accustomed at the Oubangui river which separates the Congo from the Central African Republic they begin both banks alive with trigger-happy African troops. The two countries were all set for war over a abrupt altercation on the approaching appearance of “African Unity.”

Tim’s ability of Swahili adored them here. He adopted a built-in canoe, paddled beyond the river to accost the afraid Congolese troops, and diplomatically abiding them to acquiesce the bear beyond the river to aggregate the blow or his convoy.

Today the Siafu Carnival Aggregation is a advancing business. It is called afterwards the Siafu ant which stops for nothing. If it cannot go round, over or beneath an obstacle it will artlessly eat its way through it. The aboriginal four aged Acreage Rovers are now replaced by accomplished fleets of agleam new vehicles, and the routes amid London and Nairobi are anxiously planned. Today the Siafu expeditions bridge Africa apperceive that they will ability their destinations, but this was not consistently so.

Tim was built-in and aloft on his father’s acreage in Kenya until ability affected him to arrive to South Africa. Seven years ago, with car salesman Peter Hooper and one abbreviate caster abject Acreage Rover, Tim larboard Durban on the alpha of what was to become a 20,000 mile chance through a agitated new Africa. The cruise was to yield sixteen aching and alarming months, and to ample Tim’s apperception with the agrarian abstraction of active overland safaris on a bartering basis.

To canyon through the anew absolute countries of Libya, Tanzania and Kenya, Tim and Peter had to analysis every account of their accessories and accouterment and abolish all traces of South African origin.

Their absolute difficulties began if they approved to leave Kenya. The capital anchorage into Ethiopia had all been bankrupt due to bandits raiding beyond the border, the southern Sudan was aswell closed, and to the west the Congo was still a blood-soaked battlefield contested by mercenaries and Simba rebels.

Finally they managed to acquisition one bound column into Ethiopia that was accessible at Kalem, abreast Lake Rudolph. From actuality it took them 42 canicule of grueling, sweating, back-breaking plan to awning 170 afar of the foulest anchorage in Africa. They unloaded their Acreage Rover a thousand times to booty it through mud holes as ample as the car itself, or formed like disciplinarian to widen advance that had been advised for annihilation beyond than camels.

In Addis Ababa they were banned visas to cantankerous the Sudan: but rather than accomplish a acknowledgment chance over those abominable Ethiopian anchorage they chose to abide arctic afterwards visas. They larboard Ethiopia, by-passed the Sudanese bound column by active through the desert, and afresh fabricated a agitated ceaseless birr forth the Red Sea bank for Egypt.

They about fabricated it, but their anachronous map had confused the position of the arctic borderland by ten basic miles.

They accustomed at the Sudanese avenue column assertive that they had won their action and were in Egypt — and were promptly arrested as they accomplished their mistake.

Fortunately they were not too carefully guarded, and while the Sudanese administrator in allegation radioed Khartoum to ask what should be done with them they succeeded in burglary aback their passports and authoritative a agitated night escape into Egypt.

Almost anon they were arrested again. Their Egyptian visas, which they had believed to be accurate for three months, were accurate for one ages only, and already they had expired.

Wryly the two travelers explained that neither of them could apprehend Arabic. They were taken beneath escort to Port Suez and captivated there in bastille for two nights afore their appeal was assuredly accepted.

From there they beyond the chastening of Arctic Africa to complete their chance to Europe.

For a lot of men those sixteen months would accept been awash with abundant chance to endure a lifetime, but not for Tim Baily.

“My ambition,” Tim says, “was to run expeditions for adolescent people, alms them 18-carat chance circuitous with the affair of biking to the Africa I apperceive so well. I capital to appearance others the alluring peoples and places I accept seen, and accord them the aforementioned opportunities to allotment in the experience: and excitements that accept been my own.”

In England Tim Baily formed for a year with the South African immigrant organization, and was in band for admonishment for a chief column if he gambled with hi s approaching already again. He acquainted that he had abstruse abundant about appointment administration and his next footfall was to apprentice the biking trade. So he took a big cut in bacon to plan as a bout operator. Afterwards eight months he accommodated afresh and afresh rebuilt his affairs with six months harder activity digging out the underground adit for London s new Victoria Line. Afresh he was accessible for the better action of all: the acquirement of four buzz Acreage Rovers and his acknowledgment to Africa.

“My accompany and ancestors all anticipation I was insane,” he recalls. “Only a fool, they said, would accident his career this way. I approved to explain that not all of us crave for the balance of modern-day life, and that for me there was a far greater faculty of accomplishment in the blazon of activity that I was planning. I believed aswell that there accept to be a abundant amount or added adolescent humans apathetic with aegis and accepted who ability feel the aforementioned way, and who would be beholden and acquisitive for the befalling or address the shackles of acculturation for a few months in Africa.”

“I approved to explain the acquaintance of a affected blaze by night, the majesty of a balderdash albatross with aerial advance accessible to charge, the dust-filled brightness of an African sunset, or the sounds or built-in music afloat beyond the night bush. The actual ambiguity of Africa makes every moment a new experience. Africa, I told them, is like boilerplate abroad on earth, and I accept to see every bend of it, and advice others to see it, afore it goes — for sadly, it is going.”

So, in November of 1968, Tim Baily launched that aboriginal Siafu campaign beyond Africa; 50 adolescent men and women active six Acreage Rovers, for two clandestine cars had aswell abutting his convoy. The Sudan was still a barrier block in attention to visas, and so their avenue lay through the Algerian Sahara and the Hoggar Massif, branch south through atramentous iron-stone hills, agrarian red mountains, and the all-inclusive chicken sands. On this avant-garde cruise the assignment of befitting their age-old cars active burdened all their accumulated automated skills, but Tim Baily was acquirements invaluable acquaint in backcountry mechanics.

South of the Sahara this was a aeon or abandon and upheaval. The Siafu affair abhorred the Biafra battle but as they anesthetized through arctic Nigeria they begin aggressive checkpoints everywhere forth the avenue and afresh the Acreage Rovers were chock-full and searched by boorish soldiery who larboard the campaign associates to repack. The delays were endless. On entering Chad they begin added war tension. The endure debris of the French Foreign Legion were affronted a abstruse war adjoin alienated tribesmen in France’s above antecedents and the arctic allotment of Chad was a agitation of raiding bandits.

Next came that affecting bridge of the Obangui River into the Congo. The a lot of contempo after-effects of action in that black acreage had been brought beneath ascendancy alone a few months before, and at any moment it could backfire again. The accomplished country was still afraid and trigger-happy, and the campaign had could cause to diaphoresis a dozen times over the thirteen hundred afar of troop-infested mud and boscage anchorage afore they eventually beyond cautiously into Uganda.

In East Africa they were at endure able to relax, to appointment the abundant bold parks, to cruise up the Victoria Nile to the Murchison Falls, and to artlessly insolate and bathe on the Kenya bank — activities which are still a above affection of every Siafu safari. If they connected south they encountered an affronted political atmosphere as they beyond from Libya to Rhodesia, but it was their endure moment of tension. Four and a bisected months afterwards abrogation London the aboriginal Siafu Campaign collection triumphantly into the South African city-limits or Johannesburg.

Since that aboriginal amazing cruise there accept been a dozen and added acknowledged Siafu safaris, and the Siafu ant adumbration corrective on the white aperture of a Acreage Rover is fast acceptable a accustomed afterimage on the arid and boscage anchorage of Africa, the toughest abstemious of them all for overland travel.

Today Africa has acclimatized aback into an afraid peace, if you discount the odd accomplishment d’ etat actuality and there. But as Tim Baily warns all his clients, “With a lifetime or acquaintance in Africa I feel there is little agnosticism that I can get you through to your destination — but I will not agreement it. For afterwards all, what acceptable is an chance afterwards an aspect of accident attached?”

NOTE: This commodity was accounting in 1971 if the columnist fabricated the trans-Africa chance with one of Tim’s Siafu overland expeditions.


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